ARTICLE 1 Grupo Bakara and Tour Sport, along with the Benidorm Athletics Club and City Council Department of Sports of Benidorm Town Hall, are organising the “International City of BenidormHalf Marathon” on 3rd March 2018, which will start at 18.30h and in which all persons, affiliated or not, can participate, as long as they are 18 years old on the day of the test, with control closing at 21.00h



ARTICLE 2 The circuit will be 10.540 m long.


ARTICLE 3 The following Male and Female classifications will be made:

  • JUNIOR – 18 AND 19 YEARS
  • PROMISE – 20 TO 22 YEARS
  • SENIOR – 23 TO 34 YEARS
  • VETERAN A – 35 TO 39 YEARS
  • VETERAN B – 40 TO 44 YEARS
  • VETERAN C – 45 TO 49 YEARS
  • VETERAN D – 50 TO 54 YEARS
  • VETERAN E – 55 TO 59 YEARS
  • Locals
  • Wheelchair adapted

The category will be assigned according to age on the day of the test. If you have any questions or complaints regarding age, affiliated situation or belonging to a certain category, the Organisation will be able to require the documents justifying the decision in each case (ID card, affiliate licence, military ID, disability certificate, etc.). Local runners will be deemed to be those born or registered as a resident in Benidorm for at least one year.


ARTICLE 4 The route will be duly signed, kilometre by kilometre and every 5 kilometres there will be a snack table. The runner will have a wardrobe service and runner bag, as well as chemical toilets at the finish line.


ARTICLE 5 Ambulances, along with the medical service are located at the starting and finish line zone and at km 5, with a zone delimited for this and with an exit cleared for emergencies.


ARTICLE 6 The registration prices and categories are:

  • 1st July to 30th September = €14
  • 1st October to 31st December = €15
  • 1st January to 28th February = €16
  • *surplus bibs €20

(Day Federation licence not included €3) These prices do NOT Include the day licence (€3) that is compulsory for runners who do NOT have a VALID NATIONAL LICENCE (RFEA – Royal Spanish Athletics Federation), VALENCIA REGIONAL LICENCE (FACV – Athletics Federation of the Community of Valencia) OR RUNNER PLUS CARD (those who have it will receive a €3 discount on the registration process). The day licence includes accident and civil liability insurance. Those runners with a valid national federation licence in ATHLETICS or a valid Valencia region athletics license will receive a €3 discount on the registration price. MOUNTAIN, CYCLING, etc. federation licences are not valid The registration prices include the respective VAT.


ARTICLE 7 Bibs can be removed at the “Runner’s Fair” on Friday 2nd March from 10.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. and on Saturday 3rd March from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., and after this time no bibs will be handed in. To remove a bib, a runner will need to present his ID card or a photocopy of it and the acknowledgement of the payment.   ARTICLE 8 ALL RUNNERS WHO DO THE FOLLOWING WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED FROM THE TEST:

  • Do not complete the route.
  • Do not wear the bib visible on the chest during the race, change it and/or give it to another runner.
  • Alter the bib advertising.
  • Run with a bib assigned to another runner.
  • Reach the finish line without a bib, with a duplicate, photocopied or forged bib. (*)
  • Do not pass all the established “CHIP TIME” control posts.
  • Change the information provided to the Organisation regarding any data appearing on the ID card or federation registration.
  • Does not provide the Organisation with the documents it requires.
  • Does not follow the instructions of the Organization.
  • Disqualified runners will automatically lose all prize options.

(*) The organisation reserves the right to take whatever legal action it deems appropriate against these runners to safeguard its interests and those of the other runners who pay their registration in accordance with the procedures and channels established by the test organisation.


ARTICLE 9 Claims will be made orally to the organising committee no later than 30 minutes after the results are officially communicated. If they are dismissed by said committee, a claim can be made in writing accompanied by a €100 deposit to the organising committee. Should the resolution be favourable, the €100 deposit will be returned. The decision of the Organising Committee cannot be appealed.


ARTICLE 10 The timing will be done by the BIB TAG system of the company MYLAPS/CHIPLEVANTE by putting a control at the starting line, another at the finish line and another at km 10, and it is compulsory for all the runners to run over the control carpet. The chip will be placed on the back part of the bib, protected by a soft band. It should not be folded, get wet or scratched. The chip is single use, after the test it does not work.


ARTICLE 11 The only vehicles authorised to follow the test are those designated by the Organisation. It is entirely prohibited to follow the runners in a motorbike or bicycle, and the local police has an express order to remove them from the circuit, in order to prevent any accidents being caused to the runners.


ARTICLE 12 The test clerk will be installed at the finish line, where information on the test will be provided by megaphone before, during and after. The medical area, ambulances, etc. will be located at this site.


ARTICLE 13 All officially registered participants will be covered by a civil liability insurance policy.


ARTICLE 14 The prizes can only be collected at the official prize ceremony by the winners after the race. No one else may go up onto the podium.


ARTICLE 15 Once the registration is accepted, the registration fee WILL NOT BE REFUNDED, except in the following cases:

  • Because the test was not carried out
  • For not participating in the test because the participant limit has been reached.
  • For undue payments as a result of payment errors


ARTICLE 16 By following the registration procedure on the website, the runner will find a box HE SHOULD SELECT entitled TERMS OF PERSONAL DATA DOWNLOADING AND PROTECTION, AND ACCEPT the clauses appearing herein. Reading this section is recommended


ARTICLE 17 By registering at the Benidorm Half Marathon, participants give their consent for Grupo Bakara and Tour Sport to automatically use their personal data by themselves or through third party entities, with purposes that are exclusively sports, promotional or commercial.  In accordance with what is established in Statutory Law 15/1999 of 13th December, governing Personal Data Protection, the participant has the right to access these files with the purpose of fully or partially rectifying or cancelling their content. To do so, he should request this in writing by email at . Likewise, and in accordance with the sports, promotional, distribution and exploitation interests of the Benidorm Half Marathon for everyone (reproduction of photographs of the test, publication of classification lists, etc.) through any device (Internet, advertising, etc.) and with no time limit, registered participants expressly assign to the organisation the right to reproduce the first and last names, the place won in the general classification and the participant’s own classification, the category, the sports brand used and its image.


ARTICLE 18 The Organising Committee reserves the right to interpret the articles and can establish, amend or delete new rules.


ARTICLE 19 The Organisation reserves the right of admission to any persons who are in a penalty period or are awaiting a sports body ruling. All participants, by dint of being on the starting line, accept these regulations. In the event of a query, the judgement of the Organisation will prevail.


ARTICLE 20 Showers and dressing rooms will be available at the Ciudad Deportiva Guillermo Amor from 4.00 p.m. until 9.00 p.m. free of charge by showing the bib.