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Why you should run in Benidorm

Why you should run in Benidorm

Do you know one of the best cities of Spain? Yes, we are talking about Benidorm. This is one of the sunniest, funniest and more turistics places around the country, and we love it. Not only because of the sun, which is always giving good temperatures, not only because of the environment or nice people who lives there, but also because is probably one of the most awesome zones for practising our beloved sport: running.

Good weather. One of the main reason for practising running in Benidorm is because of the perfect conditions. The sun is shining every single day, but the temperature is quite fine, because it’s like between 18º and 21ºC. If you like running, you probably will know that the weather is an importat issue for runners. When you find a place with right physical conditions, you must take advantage on it.

Streets with no cars. One of the main problems of running is finding a good way without complications. Benidorm is the best idea, because is a nice city with lots of streets for pedestrians, in which cars are forbidden. People are walking, and you can practise running without fears.

Wonderful beaches. If you are definitely in love with running, and you also love the sand and the sea, congratulations! You have the best of two worlds in one: Benidorm is the paradise of beaches, not only for relaxing but also for running.

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