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How does group registration work?

Group registration is considered to be that which includes a minimum of 20 runners enrolled in the SAME CATEGORY (10K / 21K). It will have a special and unique price of €17 or €20 per runner, for 10K or 21K respectively, during the entire registration period. Group registrations will not be admitted outside of said period.

When proceeding to register, it will not be necessary to indicate the details of all the members of the group. However, the payment of at minimum the fee of the 20 runners required to form a group will be obligatory. Therefore, when formalising the registration, a minimum charge of €400 (20 runners x €20 each = €400, ex: in the 21K category) will be made.

Once the registration is formalised and during the entire registration period, said registration may be completed with the group members’ details. Similarly, runners may be added to the group by registering them and paying the respective €17 / €20 for each new runner registered.

A runner may be replaced by another, at no cost, by entering the registration and amending the details up to the actual day when registrations close.

All runners will have their promotional code for JOMA Storm Viper II BernidormHalf exclusive trainers


  • 21K | €20 per runner
  • 10K | €17 per runner


  • FREE space for your tent (not included)
  • Carpeted area
  • Physiotherapy Service
  • Post-meta Catering (solid catering)
  • 21K | €20 per runner
  • 10K | €17 per runner

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