All runners will compete in a well-marked track, kilometre-by-kilometre, through panels, inflatable and/or metallic arches and every 5 kilometres there will be a refreshment station, according to IAAF standards.

Different categories are established for both competitions in both male as female.

Any person who wishes to participate may participate regardless of the condition, gender or nationality in accordance with the limitations established in the RFEA Regulations for the autonomous level competitions, who have reached 16 years of age on the day of the competition.

The secretariat of the competition will be installed in the finish area, which will provide information by public address on the competition before, during and after.

In this place will be located the medical area, ambulances, etc.

The timing will be carried out by the official system of the first level competitions by placing a control at the exit, another at the Finish and at every 5 km, all the runners must compulsorily pass over the control carpets.
All officially registered participants will be covered by a civil liability insurance policy, and the organisation will be covered by civil liability insurance.

Trophies: (Men and Women) to the first 3 of the overall ranking and to the first 3 of each category.