SATURDAY 5 MARCH 2022 18:30 Benidorm – SPAIN


Where can I register?

Via the website www.benidormhalf.com
The organisation is not responsible for any registrations made through third parties, nor does it assume any obligation regarding the availability of places and/or price.

What is the deadline to register?

You can register online up to March 5th until 14:00 h.
The registrations made fron February 23th will not have personalized bib.

Can I amend my registration details?

Yes. You can amend any information except first name, last names and email up to February 18th.

Can I request a change of holder?

Yes. Via the website www.benidormhalf.com
The deadline for making the change is February 18th.
When you enter MY REGISTRATION click on “I WANT TO GRANT MY REGISTRATION” and indicate the name and email of the person to whom you want to transfer it. He/she will receive an email with a form to enter his/her data.

Can I change the distance I am registered for?

Yes. You must contact us by e-mail and indicate the change before February 18th.
In case of going from 21K to 10K, the price difference is not returned.
In case of going from 10K to 21K we will ask you to pay the price difference.

Once registered, can I request a change of box?

Yes. You can do it online on the website www.benidormhalf.con in the MY REGISTRATION section up to February 10th.

Can I cancel and request a refund of my registration fee if I am injured?

Yes. You can do this before January 30th by presenting a medical certificate. €3 will be subtracted for administration costs.


When can I collect my bib?

On Friday, March 4th from 14:00 h. to 20:00 h.
On Saturday, March 5th from 10.00 h. to 17.00 h.

Where do I collect my bib?

At the Runner’s Fair. At Plaza de SS.MM los Reyes de España, 1 (Town Hall).

How do I collect my bib?

When you register, you will receive a message on your mobile phone with a QR code which you must present to collect your bib. A few weeks before the race, you will receive that same QR along with your bib number.

Can another person collect my bib for me?

Yes. You have to send them your QR code and they will be able to collect it without any problem.

Can I choose my t-shirt size?

Yes, for registrations made before February 7th. For registrations made after this date, there will be a selection of sizes that will be handed out in the order in which the bibs are collected.

Can another person collect my runner’s bag and t-shirt for me?

Yes, but they have to be able to present your bib and the envelope containing it.


Are the 10K and 21K starts at the same time?

Yes, the starts of both distances are from the same place and at the same time (18:30 h.).

Where is the start?

From Benidorm Town Hall (Plaza SS.MM. los Reyes de España)

The finish line will be at the same place as the start.

How do I access my box?

Your bib will have your box colour printed on it. There will be controlled access so that each runner is in the right box.

What refreshment points are there?

For the 10K at Km. 5 (liquid) and at the finish line (liquid and solid).
For the 21K at Km. 5, Km. 10, Km. 15 (liquid) and at the finish line (liquid and solid).

What is the maximum time given to cross the finish line?

The maximum time is 2 h. and 30 min. from the start for both distances.

Will there be ambulances?

Yes, there will be ambulances the length of the course, as well as a field hospital at the finish line.


Is there bag storage?

Yes. It is next to the start.
On the day of the race from 17.00 h. to 21.30 h.
When we give you your bib we will include an adhesive tape on which you must write your bib number and stick it to your bag.

Will trophies be given out for all the categories?

Yes. The trophies will be handed out at the post-finish from 20:00 h.

How does the medal engraving work?

If you have booked the engraving service with your registration, you will just have to go to the place allocated for the engraving at the post-finish and show your bib.
If you have not booked the service, you can request engraving there and then after paying for it.


Engraving service with registration: 5€
Engraving service there and then: 10€

Where will the toilets be?

There will be chemical toilets at the start/finish zone and built toilets at different points of the course.

Are there changing rooms/showers?

Yes, from 16:00 h. to 22:00 h. at two locations:

Ciudad Deportiva Guillermo Amor (Av. Ciudad Deportiva, s/n)

Pabellón L’Illa de Benidorm (Partida Salto del Agua, s/n)

Is there parking at the start/finish zone?

Yes. There is a free car park at short distance from the starting/finish line (Parking Plaza de Toros Benidorm).

How are the results announced?

A display panel will be placed at the post-finish with details of the first 3 places in each category.
The complete results will be posted on the website that very night.