SATURDAY March 5 2022 18:30h
Benidorm – SPAIN

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6,21 MILES

Start/ Finish

Town Hall Benidorm
Pl. SS MM Reyes de España

Day & Time

Saturday 5th march 2022

Would you like to run and enjoy the Benidorm Half Running Experience? Sign up to our 10K and experience the race from inside, with a short distance course suitable for most male and female runners. Collect your runner’s bag, enjoy the atmosphere and feel the warmth of the crowd; the finish line is very close


The most emblematic streets and corners of Benidorm fill with light, applause and cheers to draw the route of the Benidorm Half 10K race. Run in this Mediterranean coast locality, enjoy your passion along with runners from across the world and put on your medal when you reach the finish line. Done!




Runner’s bib with disposable chip included, BibTag timer system.

Runner’s Bag

Joma brand technical vest


Liquid refreshments the length of the course and Liquid and solid refreshments at the finish line.


All the finishers of the 10K race will be gifted a commemorative medal.


Bag storage service for all the runners.


RFEA Federation Insurance of 1 day. MANDATORY FOR NON-MEMBERS



Federation Insurance (€3.00) not included. Mandatory for non-members.

Testimonies 10K


TSB SPORT& EVENTS, is organizing the “Benidorm 10K” on March 5th 2022, which will start at 6.30 p.m. and in which all persons, affiliated or not, can participate, as long as they are 18 years old on the day of the race with control closing at 9.00 p.m.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This race is included in the national Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA) calendar and of the Valencian Community Athletics Federation (FACV). Through their registration, the runner expressly agrees for their basic data (First Name, Surnames, Tax ID/Foreigner’s ID/Passport No., Date of Birth, Sex and Post Code) to be sent to the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation and to the FACV, in order to manage the day permits, results and rankings. Possession of the permit guarantees that the runner participates with the coverage of a civil liability and accident insurance.

In any case and as established by the Data Protection Law, the interested party can exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in writing or by email to the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation’s Runner Card program. Avda. de Valladolid, 81-28008 Madrid and to FACV (Av. de Pérez Galdós, 25, 46018 Valencia).

E-mail: and


The circuit will be accredited and will be 10.000 m long with the starting and finishing line at Plaza de SS.MM los Reyes de España, 1 (Town Hall).


Four finishing time boxes will be set up during the race:

BOX 10 K
Red ( Elite)  Less than 0:35 h. Men

Less than 0:40 h. Women

Blue  0:35 to 0:45 h.
Yellow  0:45 to 0:55 h.
Green  + 0:55 h.

When formalizing the registration, you should select the exit box according to the time you plan to finish within (please be as realistic as possible out of respect to the other runners). The bib colour will indicate the estimated finishing time and there will be entrances identified with this colour to access the entrance. For the ELITE box the time should be accredited through document in the registration process (times under 0:35 h for men and under 0:40 h for women).

You can request a change of box on the website, in the section “My registration.” If the change is to the elite (Red) box, the time should be credited. The deadline for making box changes is February 10th.


The men and women categories of the Benidorm 10K 2022 are the following:

  • JUNIOR – BORN IN 2003 AND 2004 (18 AND 19 YEARS)
  • PROMISE – BORN IN 2000, 2001 AND 2002 (20 TO 22 YEARS)
  • VETERAN A (35 TO 39 YEARS)
  • VETERAN B (40 TO 44 YEARS)
  • VETERAN C (45 TO 49 YEARS)
  • VETERAN D (50 TO 54 YEARS)
  • VETERAN E (55 TO 59 YEARS)
  • VETERAN F (60 TO 64 YEARS)
  • VETERAN G (65 TO 69 YEARS)
  • VETERAN H (70 TO 74 YEARS)
  • VETERAN I (75 + YEARS)
  • Locals

The category will be assigned according to age on the day of the test. Should there be any doubt regarding age, affiliation or belonging to a certain category, the Organisation will be able to require justifying documents. Local runners will be those born in Benidorm or registered as a resident in Benidorm for at least one year.

  • The following four categories are established in men and women for athletes with a disability:

1) Athletes in a wheelchair who do not have mechanisms or gears that help to push the wheelchair. Only pushing by hand using the wheel rings is permitted. Handbikes are excluded from any competitive classification, since their use falls under a cyclist and not an athlete category.

2) Runners with functional disabilities (persons with physical disability, cerebral palsy and brain injury)

3) Runners with sensory impairments (blind and deaf)

4) Runners with intellectual disabilities


The course will be signed in kilometres and miles. At the 5 km, there will be a liquid refreshment station, as well as a solid and liquid refreshment station at the finish line.

The runner will have a wardrobe service and runner bag, as well as chemical toilets at the start and finish line.


There will be ambulances throughout the course and at the start and finish line, where there will also be a field hospital with a delimited area and with an exit cleared for emergencies.


Registrations can be made online from November 28 to March 5 at 14:00 on the website

The organisation reserves the right to close registrations when deemed necessary for safety reasons and to improve the service for the runner.

Prices and terms

  • NOVEMBER 28 (24 HOURS): 17 €
  • FEBRUARY 4 TO MARCH 5: 22 €

These prices do NOT Include the day licence (€3) that is compulsory for runners who do NOT have a VALID NATIONAL LICENCE (RFEA – Royal Spanish Athletics Federation), VALENCIA REGIONAL LICENCE (FACV – Athletics Federation of the Community of Valencia) OR RUNNER PLUS CARD.

The day licence includes accident and civil liability insurance.

MOUNTAIN, CYCLING, etc. federation licences are not valid

The registration prices include the respective VAT.

The website is the only official online distributor authorised to carry out the registrations for the race, so in no case is it recommended registering or acquiring bibs through other platforms. The organisation is not responsible for the reliability, veracity and/or suitability of any registration made through third parties, and does not assume any obligation regarding availability of places, stock and/or price. The recognition of any right relating to the guarantee, withdrawal, changes and/or any others recognised regarding the registered runners is not guaranteed if the products are not the official ones or they have not been obtained through the website

In any case, registrations will close when the maximum limit of registered runners has been reached, thereby guaranteeing a sustainable growth, a quality experience for the runners and the best possible safety conditions.

The organisation will inform when the last 500 bibs are put up for sale.

Registrations at the Runner’s Village will be permitted provided there are sufficient bibs available.


In the event of injury, the reimbursement of the registration fee may be requested sending an e-mail to 

The reimbursement of 100% of the registration fee (minus €3 for administrative costs) in the event of injury will be allowed if the runner shows a medical certificate with the diagnosis. Reports or certificates signed by physiotherapists will not be valid; only those signed by a specialist doctor.

  • The deadline for making the application and providing the documents is January 30th, being understood that once that date has passed, no reimbursement will be possible.
  • The reimbursement will be made by the means of payment used by the runner when they registered and once the medical documents are verified.

Bibs can be collected at the “Runner’s Village” on March 4th from 14:00 h. to 20:00 h. and March 5th from 10:00 h. to 17:00 h.

After this time, no bibs will be handed out. To collect a bib, a runner will need to present his/her QR code assigned when registered.

If it is not possible to collect the bib in person, a third party can be authorised with the QR code which each runner will receive when they register. Bibs will not be handed out to those who do not present the QR code.



  • Do not complete the route
  • Do not wear the bib visible on the chest during the race, change it and/or give it to another runner
  • Alter the bib advertising
  • Run with a bib assigned to another runner
  • Reach the finish line without a bib, with a duplicate, photocopied or forged bib (*)
  • Do not pass all the established “CHIP TIME” control posts
  • Change the information provided to the Organisation regarding any data appearing on the ID card or federation registration
  • Does not provide the Organisation with the documents it requires
  • Does not follow the instructions of the Organization
  • Disqualified runners will automatically lose all prize options.

The organisation reserves the right to take whatever legal action it deems appropriate against these runners to safeguard its interests and those of the other runners who pay their registration in accordance with the procedures and channels established by the test organisation.


It is possible to make a change of name or holder of the bib/chip via the website from MY REGISTRATION.


  • The deadline for making the change is February 18th.
  • The bib holder will make the change by completing the requested information (new
  • holder).

The Organisation reserves the right to make modifications to how the change is carried out.


The FACV Committee of Judges monitors the race. The runners’ official classifications are competence of the Committee of Judges and Timers of the Autonomous Community Athletics Federation.

Claims will be made orally to the Referee no later than 30 minutes after the results are officially communicated. If they are dismissed by the committee, a claim can be made in writing accompanied by a 60€ deposit to the Appeals Jury. Should the resolution be favourable, the 60€ deposit will be returned. In the event that there is no Appeals Jury, the subsequent claims will be made to the RFEA Competition Committee, with no need for a deposit.


In accordance with Article 144 of the International Athletics Regulations (RIA) it is not allowed to run accompanied by persons not participating in the race, nor carrying children in your arms or in a stroller, nor with animals. This prohibition extends to the entire race and particularly at the finish line, not observing it being a reason for potential disqualification by the Referee.

Under the express authorisation of the Organisation, the participation of persons in special assisted chairs or those pushed by another runner is permitted. In this case, the assisted runner will have the right to a duplicate of the bib at no cost. You should ask for it sending an e-mail to before February 21st.


The timing will be carried out by the company My Laps, with a control point at the start, another along the course and another at the finish line. It is compulsory for all the runners to run over the control carpet.

The chip will be placed on the back part of the bib, protected by a soft band. It should not be folded, get wet or scratched. The chip is single use, after the test it does not work. The bib should go on the front, over the chest so it can be read correctly.

The chip cannot be tilted (triathlon tape) as it may not be detected properly.

Neither the ORGANISATION, nor the sponsors or the employees will assume any liability whatsoever in the event of chip malfunction.


The only vehicles authorised to follow the test are those designated by the Organisation. It is entirely prohibited to follow the runners in a motorbike or bicycle, and the local police has an express order to remove them from the circuit, in order to prevent any accidents being caused to the runners.


The race clerk will be placed at the finish line, where information on the race will be provided by megaphone before, during and after. The medical area, ambulances, etc. will also be located at this site.


All officially registered participants will be covered by a civil liability third party damage insurance policy negotiated by RFEA, as well as accident insurance that will cover any sports accidents that are caused as a direct result of the execution of the race, and never as a result of a condition or latent defect, recklessness, negligence, non-observance of the laws and of the regulation articles, etc… nor those caused during displacements or from the place where the race is executed.

The organisation will also be covered by civil liability insurance.


There will be trophies for the first three places in all the categories, both men’s and women’s.

The winners can only collect the trophies at the official prize ceremony after the race. No one else may access the podium.


If after 30 calendar days from the end of the race the athletes who won trophies do not collect them, the organisation will understand that they are waiving said prizes, with no place for any claim.


  • Special technical running vest
  • Commemorative race medal (only those who finish the race)
  • Isotonic drink
  • Diploma with times (Internet download)


Benidorm Half offers a medal engraving service at the post-finish zone for runners who want to add their name and box to the medal. Those who decide to use this service in advance will enjoy a significant discount.

  • Engraving service with registration: €5
  • Engraving service on day of the race: €10

Once the registration is accepted, the registration fee WILL NOT BE REFUNDED, except in the case that the race is not carried out by Organisation´s decision.

In case of adverse weather conditions or force majeure causes including restrictions caused by COVID-19, non-attributable to the Organisation, that not allow carrying out the race, the Organisation will not take any responsibility and registration fees will not be refunded. In these cases, the organization will reserve the registration for the next edition of the race.


By registering at the Benidorm 10K, participants give their consent for TSB SPORT & EVENTS to automatically use their personal data by themselves or through third party entities, with purposes that are exclusively sports, promotional or commercial.  In accordance with what is established in Statutory Law 15/1999 of 13th December, governing Personal Data Protection, the participant has the right to access these files with the purpose of fully or partially rectifying or cancelling their content. To do so, he should request this in writing by email at

Likewise, and in accordance with the sports, promotional, distribution and exploitation interests of the Benidorm 10K for everyone (reproduction of photographs of the test, publication of classification lists, etc.) through any device (Internet, advertising, etc.) and with no time limit, registered participants expressly assign to the organisation the right to reproduce the first and last names, the place won in the general classification and the participant’s own classification, the category, the sports brand used and its image.


The Organising Committee reserves the right to interpret the articles and can establish, amend or delete any rule.


The Organisation reserves the right of admission to any persons who are in a penalty period or are awaiting a sports body ruling. All participants, by dint of being on the starting line, accept these regulations. In the event of a query, the judgement of the Organisation will prevail.


Showers and dressing rooms will be available at the Ciudad Deportiva Guillermo Amor and Pabellón L´Illa from 16:00 until 22:00 free of charge by showing the bib.


All that not provided for in these regulations will be governed by the competition rules of the FACV and the RFEA for this season, as well as all that regulated by higher bodies


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